Jim grew up in rural northern Missouri, attending church and coming to Christ as a young man.  Making his way to Orange County California as a young man, Jim met Lori, the love of his life, where together they raised 6 marvelous children who have blessed them with 8 even more marvelous grandchildren.  Jim & his family actively worshiped and served at Coast Hills Community Church in Aliso Viejo, California, where they held various leadership roles and participated in numerous outreach projects.

Jim built a career in the plastic molding business which eventually required frequent trips to China and other global destinations, resulting in a deep appreciation for the diversity of God’s people and the need to spread the good news of the gospel.  Jim eventually joined the board of China Ministries International where in partnership with Coast Hills Church they established a Bible College in Guangdong China.

Jim became involved with FaithQuest Missions in it’s infancy, participating in outreach projects and eventually joining the Board of Directors.  In August 2005, in partnership with FaithQuest Missions and World Concern, Jim founded Camp Hope, an outreach with a mission to provide hope and assistance for families in crisis following the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Jim’s love for God and his fellow man is fueled and channeled in the work he continues to do with the FaithQuest team, most recent of note being the 2016 Refugee Ride in Greece and the 2017 Refugee Challenge in Jordan and Greece.  Jim and Lori are currently spearheading a FaithQuest project in north Missouri to provide 50,000 meals for South Sudanese refugees who have fled to northern Uganda

Jim & Lori moved back to his great state of Missouri in 2014 where they enjoy each other, their rural property and being with friends and family.  They both hold active leadership roles at Prairie Chapel Church where they are active in rural ministry and participate in numerous community betterment programs.  God continues to bless them by meeting their needs while providing them with amazing insights into His love and providential plan for their lives.