Jerry is a pastor at FaithQuest Missions; he is a seasoned mentor, coach and pastors pastor. Jerry truly loves encouraging and inspiring churches, leaders and individuals to maximize their lives and pursue God with their whole heart. When not pastoring, Jerry loves paddle boarding, bike riding, hiking and spending time with his beautiful wife, family and three awesome grandkids.

Ministry Background

Jerry served for over 30 years in senior level pastoral roles in large churches and non-profit ministries, serving as Pastor of Care and Counseling, Pastor of Connecting and Assimilation, Pastor of Small Group Ministries, Pastor of Adult Ministries, Executive Leadership Team, Executive Director of Ministries, Executive Pastor, Teaching Pastor and Staff Mentor. Jerry served in Non Profit Ministries as a Consultant, a Mentoring Pastor and as an Executive Director.

Current Role at FaithQuest

At FaithQuest Missions, Jerry gets to utilize his extensive ministry background as part of our Barnabas team. In this pastoral role he is able to come along side pastors and leaders who are in difficult seasons and be a strong source of encouragement and inspiration in their lives. Jerry is laying the groundwork for a “Kindness First” project that we hope will ignite people everywhere to listen to God and share the gospel by serving their neighbors with a simple act of kindness. Jerry is also reaching out to the community by providing pastoral coaching; premarital counseling and outreach focused Christian weddings and memorials.

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