Mobilizing People, Churches and Organizations

The primary focus of our Adventure Ministry is to mobilize people, churches, and organizations by connecting them to challenging and exciting physical events and adventures. Each is specifically designed to bring impact for the lost, last, and least, including raising awareness, critical funds, and assistance to strategic needs and causes all over the world. We believe that God wired us with a desire to live lives that are full of excitement, challenge and adventure. Taking those God given desires, we create unique and exciting opportunities that satisfies that need and simultaneously accomplishes great purposes. Some of the greatest joy we get to experience on this side of heaven is when we use our passions, gifts, talents and desires to have a blast doing things we love, with the outcome of helping people in great need!

Some Adventure Ministry Experiences Include:

  • Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro with a team of die hard zealots, who love nothing more than a great challenge and raising funds and awareness to fight against injustices, like sex trafficking of innocent women and children.
  • Cycling the Greek Isles to raise critical funds for refugees who fled war torn countries
  • Running a 200 mile Ragnar relay race with a team of like minded champions, who desire to raise critical funds and awareness for children and families who are in desperate need around the globe.
  • Join our Big Ring cycling team! A group of die hard cycling warriors that get out on Saturday mornings for fun and fellowship! Click here to join our Strava group.

Upcoming Adventures & Events