cave roomFor the last 20+ years, as a merry band of catalysts, FaithQuest has been seeking to inspire, encourage, and activate a movement of people of South Orange County. When we were approached with the idea of having a space dedicated to the mission of connecting people to develop friendships, discuss issues, and relax we felt like The Cave was an answer to exactly what we have been praying for!



For years The Cave has been a space used as an outreach gathering place for youth and adults of all ages. In May 2023 The Cave grew into its next season as an exciting component to champion movement in South OC, with Warren Thompson stepping into the lead for FaithQuest Missions. Warren has long been a joyful warrior for outreach at The Cave space, has a huge heart for youth, and is also part of leading the South Orange County Movement team. 

With skyrocketing disconnection, anxiety, drug use, and suicide among young people, our vision for The Cave is for a culture, mission, and space that turns the tide and brings life, hope, and true freedom for all ages. The physical space of The Cave is strategically located in the Aliso Viejo Town Center above Buffalo Wild Wings, adjacent to the Regal Edwards Movie Theater. The town center has long been the gathering place for a lot of activity in Aliso Viejo and we feel that opening the doors to The Cave for ministry purposes will be a catalyst for the change we long to see.

The Cave space is already being used about 25% of the available hours possible, our goal is to multiply by 4X the time and 6X those reached and impacted. A virally spreading Disciple-Making Movement, DMM, is our goal, where new disciples make new disciples who make new disciples, reaching thousands and then tens of thousands in South OC… and beyond. It’s happening all over the world, it can happen here, we are certain of it!   

To accomplish this, we need your help! We are seeking ministry partners to stand with us and this vision in prayer, involvement, and financial support. Our financial need for The Cave culture, mission, and space is $36,000 of expenses. Warren and his team of like-minded passionate volunteers are all paid zero, all funds are only used for actual expenses of renting and direct costs of the space and outreach there and in the community. We are asking for those reading this to pray about how God would have them be a part of this, consider joining The Cave tribe of ministry partners financially for the next 1 year. We are looking for partners who can support this with monthly gifts of $1000 as well as $100, and of course everywhere in between. An initial or annual contribution is a welcome option too.



To join in, just click on the Donate button below to give with a credit card. OF COURSE we can’t wait to hear from you with any thoughts, questions, or desire to serve. Just email us and we’ll get back to you ASAP!


Follow @FaithQuestMissions on Instagram for an overview of the space as well as images and videos of past events.

Upcoming Cave Events