Are you ready for a Great Adventure?

Great Adventure

At FaithQuest we believe God has wired the human heart for adventures that will not only be fun and exciting, but will also grow our faith and character.

For some a great adventure might be the RV life with all the amenities of home, with their biggest challenge simply being, how to find a campground spot big enough to park that 60 ft.; two story RV with pop outs.  Most would agree that it is great fun to have leisurely times in a decked out RV’s, or travel the world on a yacht or cruise ship, but at some point, you can only golf, camp and travel so much before your heart begins to quest for something more. 

Why? It is because God has wired us to function best when we continue to grow and develop, and when we serve others. Most experts agree that people, who have the most fulfilling lives, are the ones who implement these characteristics throughout their lifetime. Through the grace of God, modern science and medical breakthroughs, our life spans and healthy living range has increased exponentially. We now have more opportunities than ever to do great and wonderful things that can be fun, adventurous, challenging and creative, while simultaneously making a difference in people lives that are less fortunate.

At FaithQuest Missions we live for opportunities to inspire, encourage and ignite people, just like you, to put their faith into action. Is God placing the desire in your heart to join us for one of our great Adventure opportunities? Or perhaps you would like to join us for a vision trip to a part of the world that you would never ordinarily get to experience?

We would love to encourage you not to wait, do it now. 

Go and do some of the great and incredible adventures that God has placed on your heart, don’t wait for someday to come and perhaps miss that incredible opportunity to step out in faith to do something both exciting, meaningful and adventurous.

All of our Adventures opportunities and Vision trips are designed to be fun and exciting and best of all, they are designed with outcomes that serve or support the Last, Least and Lost.

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