God has called you to put your faith into action! Be Brave Our Mission is to be a Catalyst that inspires, encourages, and mobilizes people, churches and organizations to put their faith into action.

Josh Johnson

Josh is a passionate, adventure-seeking pastor that loves encouraging others toward their adventures and their journey with Christ. Growing up as a pastor’s kid and being adamant that he would never go into ministry, God certainly had other plans. As an adult, Josh has been pursuing ministry opportunities and leading men, and others, toward a deeper relationship with Christ for a number of years. He’s now using his passion for disciple making and adventure seeking to lead the Adventure ministry at FaithQuest Missions! A 3-time Ragnarian, a former #1 ranked rock climber, and someone who loves getting out and doing new things, Josh is excited to meet new people, go on crazy adventures, and lead people into a deeper relationship with Christ.

He loves his babe of a wife and two young fun-loving children, and loves pairing faith and fitness as a catalyst to an activated relationship with God.

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John Gash

“Johno” is a Pastor and the President of FaithQuest Missions. He is a catalyst and ministry matchmaker who loves connecting people and their churches to places where God is powerfully moving in the world. He is passionate about encouraging people and their churches to put their faith into action! He is wild over his wife Lori of 40+ years and their large family. He thrives on faith, adventure, fun, the outdoors, and going fast on his bike.

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Jerry Hill

Jerry is a pastor at FaithQuest Missions; he is a seasoned mentor, coach and pastors pastor. Jerry truly loves encouraging and inspiring churches, leaders and individuals to maximize their lives and pursue God with their whole heart. When not pastoring, Jerry loves paddle boarding, bike riding, hiking and spending time with his beautiful wife, family and three awesome grandkids.

Ministry Background

Jerry served for over 30 years in senior level pastoral roles in large churches and non-profit ministries, serving as Pastor of Care and Counseling, Pastor of Connecting and Assimilation, Pastor of Small Group Ministries, Pastor of Adult Ministries, Executive Leadership Team, Executive Director of Ministries, Executive Pastor, Teaching Pastor and Staff Mentor. Jerry served in Non Profit Ministries as a Consultant, a Mentoring Pastor and as an Executive Director.

Current Role at FaithQuest

At FaithQuest Missions, Jerry gets to utilize his extensive ministry background as part of our Barnabas team. In this pastoral role he is able to come along side pastors and leaders who are in difficult seasons and be a strong source of encouragement and inspiration in their lives. Jerry is laying the groundwork for a “Kindness First” project that we hope will ignite people everywhere to listen to God and share the gospel by serving their neighbors with a simple act of kindness. Jerry is also reaching out to the community by providing pastoral coaching; premarital counseling and outreach focused Christian weddings and memorials.

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Bud Thoreen

Bud feels called by God to boldly encourage believers to put their faith into action! He is excited to join the FaithQuest team and connect and encourage people and their churches for outreach everywhere. He is also enthusiastic to network with his many friends and ministry connections collected in 40 years as a church lay-leader and teacher. Bud also served 9 years as an Area Director for Young Life, followed by 37 years as a remodeling contractor. Read more in Bud’s letter below seeking ministry partners!

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Dear Friends:

Who knew God was such a comedian? As I’m well into my 75th year on this good earth both Linda and I believe He is leading us into a whole new direction of life, service, and ministry. After almost 10 years in youth ministry (Area Director for Young Life), 37 years as a remodeling contractor, 40 plus years as a church elder and teacher (Irvine Presbyterian Church), we sense the Lord wants me (Bud) to help believers put their faith into action by connecting with missions and organizations who serve the least, the last, and the lost.

We were first introduced to FaithQuest earlier this year at a couple of mission fundraisers for FaithQuest Partners, one for Kids Around The World, the other for ARDA, (Armenian Relief and Development Association). John Gash and his wife, Lori, founded FaithQuest over 16 years ago to empower the local American church to be the hands and feet of Christ as it carries out the Great Commission. FaithQuest desires to motivate and inspire believers and their churches to put their faith in action. They champion people and their churches connecting with exciting mission organizations and opportunities for mission and vision trips of faith, adventure, and service.

FaithQuest presently enjoys relationships with more than 25 exciting Christian organizations and more 100 churches, from 12 different denominational groups across the states. It has had the privilege to arrange for more than 1600 people to go on a short-term mission and vision trips all over the world. Many have become passionate about missions, some becoming full-time vocational workers in this field, others are servant leaders in their churches helping to spark faith in action. FaithQuest is a champion for birthing new mission organizations and movements from these trips. They are a catalyst for thousands of sponsorships for children, exciting hunger relief projects, more than 100 water wells drilled, disease prevention programs, children ministry & playgrounds getting built, leadership training, church planting, and most importantly the love of Christ be widely proclaimed.

As many of you know, and I can hear you say it, “This sounds just like Bud, and it’s sure in his wheel house”. My heart and passion is to bring people together for the growth of the Kingdom. Knowing this, I have accepted a position with FaithQuest as Director of Connecting and Mobilization My primary responsibilities will be to connect people, ministries and organizations with FaithQuest’s events, adventures, and vision trips, as well as just God’s work everywhere, a real Kingdom approach. I will be a developer and encourager of individuals and churches to see what God is doing amongst the neediest people and areas in the world, and help them to do it!

To accomplish this big mission, I need to build a big team of prayer and ministry partners for support! When I thought of this, I thought of you! I want to unabashedly ask for your prayers and monthly financial support as we respond to God’s call. FaithQuest is a well-established 501c(3) organization headquartered in Laguna Niguel, CA. All donations are fully tax deductible. You may respond by simply sending in your first month’s check to FaithQuest Missions, 25016 Adelanto Dr., Laguna Niguel, CA 92677. More easily, you can go to their web site, FaithQuestMisssions.org and click on the tag DONATE. There will be a chance to mention my name or add a note when you make your donation, and make a recurring monthly gift or one time gift. That’s also a good time to read more about this exciting ministry and see learn more of what we do and our many adventures!

As this new season of life dawns, Linda and I are thrilled by the opportunities which lay ahead, to make an eternal impact for the Kingdom of God among the least, the last, and the lost. Hopefully, we will have the chance to share how you might get further involved in the great adventures FaithQuest has planned. Please feel free to call/text me at (949) 246-8743 or email me at …I would love to hear from you!

Blessings, Bud & Linda 

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Bob Wolfsberger

“Wolfie” is a passionate servant of The Lord and others, a gifted encourager and connector of people, and a faith-filled prayer warrior. He brings joy and motivation to every conversation, with a quick and smile, laugh, and wise words of exhortation. The Wolfman is crazy for his wife Dawn and their large family, and loves mission trips and shredding it up surfing, cycling, or golfing with his pals.


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Lori Gash

Lori loves adventure and putting her faith into action! She and husband John started FaithQuest together in 2002, and she serves as FaithQuest Administrator and Director and Board Officer. She has served on the frontline all over the world co-leading or leading mission and vision trips, as well as a Team FaithQuest runner, cyclist, climber, and more. She is Mom to 3 married children and Grammy to 9 who are all her great joy!

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Amber Stagner

Amber has been involved with FaithQuest since the beginning in 2002, and jointly with husband Shane launched Team FaithQuest in 2006. She is the administrative voice and glue connecting our athlete/Champions with the Ragnar Relay running events and more. Amber is a Mom to 3 mega-active children that keep her hopping, and is a Team FaithQuest running and cycling athlete also!

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Mark Anderson

Mark serves on the FaithQuest Board of Directors and has been a great friend and champion of not only FaithQuest but God’s work through a wide variety of ministries and churches. Mark has been practicing law in Southern California since 1981 and has been conducting estate planning seminars for more than 30 years. Several thousand clients and many large churches, para-church ministries, and corporations have benefitted from his expertise in wills, trusts and tax law. Mark has helped these thousands of individuals to achieve greater security, maximize charitable giving and be better stewards of their wealth in the most cost effective manner possible.

Mark received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California at Irvine in 1976 and his Juris Doctor degree from the University of San Diego School of Law in 1979. Having served on many  boards and working closely with many large ministry groups including Operation Mobilization, Forest Home Christian Conference Center and others, Mark has developed a great reputation in the community as an energetic and enthusiastic leader. He has joined FaithQuest Missions trips including Malawi and South Africa, as well as missions trips with other groups that FaithQuest celebrates, including Operation Mobilization and Reaching the Hungry. Mark is married to his love Christene and together they have a wonderful clan of adult children and grandchildren that are at the center of their lives. Mark also enjoys traveling, golfing, hiking, and days at the beach with his family.

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Jim Heaton

Jim grew up in rural northern Missouri, attending church and coming to Christ as a young man.  Making his way to Orange County California as a young man, Jim met Lori, the love of his life, where together they raised 6 marvelous children who have blessed them with 8 even more marvelous grandchildren.  Jim & his family actively worshiped and served at Coast Hills Community Church in Aliso Viejo, California, where they held various leadership roles and participated in numerous outreach projects.

Jim built a career in the plastic molding business which eventually required frequent trips to China and other global destinations, resulting in a deep appreciation for the diversity of God’s people and the need to spread the good news of the gospel.  Jim eventually joined the board of China Ministries International where in partnership with Coast Hills Church they established a Bible College in Guangdong China.

Jim became involved with FaithQuest Missions in it’s infancy, participating in outreach projects and eventually joining the Board of Directors.  In August 2005, in partnership with FaithQuest Missions and World Concern, Jim founded Camp Hope, an outreach with a mission to provide hope and assistance for families in crisis following the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Jim’s love for God and his fellow man is fueled and channeled in the work he continues to do with the FaithQuest team, most recent of note being the 2016 Refugee Ride in Greece and the 2017 Refugee Challenge in Jordan and Greece.  Jim and Lori are currently spearheading a FaithQuest project in north Missouri to provide 50,000 meals for South Sudanese refugees who have fled to northern Uganda

Jim & Lori moved back to his great state of Missouri in 2014 where they enjoy each other, their rural property and being with friends and family.  They both hold active leadership roles at Prairie Chapel Church where they are active in rural ministry and participate in numerous community betterment programs.  God continues to bless them by meeting their needs while providing them with amazing insights into His love and providential plan for their lives.

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Ted Grueser

Here is our alligator wrangler with a huge heart for missions! “If you ain’t sweating you ain’t serving!” – Ted

Ted has been a missions leader and champion for 25 years in 5 different churches. He has traveled widely to the mission frontlines around the world serving God and the lost, last, and least. He has found tremendous joy in being able to lead hundreds of people into being involved in missions of every sort. Sharing the love, hope, and Gospel of Jesus while feeding the hungry, providing clean water for communities for the first time, building homes for the homeless, and much more.

He feels incredibly privileged to see peoples’ lives transformed as they join in participating in serving and touching the lives of so many people around the world. “We as God’s people have the great privilege to go beyond the walls of The Church and live out what John Wesley said, “Do all the good you can”, experiencing God in surprising and exciting ways as we do!” – Ted

For FaithQuest, Ted comes alongside people and their churches, organizations, schools, or businesses to encourage, coach, and connect them with missions opportunities that are a great fit for how God is leading them. He is part of our Barnabas Ministry of encouragement and inspiration for leaders and influencers.

Ted lives in Gainesville, Florida and married to wife Danette for 22 years. Together they partner in raising their two teenage boys, Riley and Deklan.

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